How long will Cutek Extreme last?

Cutek Extreme provides long-lasting protection because it is absorbed deeply into the wood, protecting it from within. This means that the wood will continue to resist water and remain stable even after the surface has faded or gone grey. If you want to keep colour on the surface of your wood, then reapplication of Cutek Extreme with a Colortone will be required, and the timeframe to reapply will vary depending on a number of factors. More frequent maintenance is required in fully exposed areas, or areas with heavy traffic.For example, a deck fully exposed to the elements that is subject to heavy traffic will probably need cleaning and re-coating every six months, whereas rough-sawn shingles on a protected wall will retain their colour and stability for many years.

Do I need to wait before I apply Cutek Extreme to my new lumber?

Unlike most coatings, it is not necessary to wait before applying Cutek Extreme to new lumber. In fact we recommend that the first coat goes on as soon as possible to protect the wood during the construction phase.

Is Cutek good value for my project?

Cutek Extreme Wood Protection Oil is a premium wood protection product yet it is very cost effective. The coverage rates are up to double those of other premium wood care products. And, maintenance is simple; there is no sanding or stripping required. Many cheaper coatings cost far more when you factor in the price of sanding or stripping before re-coating. And, the use of Cutek Extreme will add years to the useful life of exterior wood, meaning greatly reduced replacement costs.

How do I clean the wood first?

Bleach or other commercial cleaners may not work in a way that will allow Cutek to penetrate as it must to give the protection for which it was designed. We recommend using Cutek CD33 Naked stripper, Cutek Proclean, and/or Cutek QuickClean to clean your wood as it has been designed to work with Cutek Extreme Protection Oil and has been made to the same high standards.

Does Cutek Extreme peel?

No. Cutek Extreme will not crack, peel or flake. However Cutek Extreme will fade over time depending on the type of wood, its exposure to the elements, and traffic, e.g., if applied to a deck.

Why might Cutek Extreme take a long time to dry?

Cutek Extreme penetrates and where it diffuses deep into the wood. Cutek Extreme will not dry on the surface until complete diffusion has occured. Factors that slow the rate of diffusion are:

  1. Wet wood, or wood with a high moisture content. We state a maximum moisture content of 17%, as anything higher can significantly delay penetration, and Cutek Extreme can sit on the surface and eventually go tacky without penetrating properly.
  2. Cold weather. Cutek Extreme will become thicker when cold, and the tendency is to apply too much oil. Warming oil before application will make it thinner and enhance penetration.
  3. Too many coats too soon. The first application of Cutek Extreme needs to completely diffuse and dry fully prior to the second or subsequent coats.
  4. Existing oil, stain or paint on the surface. Existing film coats act as a barrier to Cutek Extreme penetration. Old coatings must be fully removed by sanding and or chemical stripping prior to application of Cutek Extreme.
Why do I have to wait between coats?

Unlike most wood coatings and stains, Cutek Extreme penetrates and diffuses deeply into the wood before going dry at the surface. The time this takes varies depending on a number of factors including wood density, porousness, wood type, the wood’s moisture content, and temperature.

Cutek Extreme does not dry fast like most paints and has a cumulative effect in the wood. Re-coating before the outer surface is completely dry, i.e., the Cutek has finished its process of penetrating and diffusing into the wood, will impede the cumulative effect of Cutek and be a waste of resources.

Can I apply Cutek Extreme over other coatings, deck stains or oils?

NO. Other oils or stains may create a barrier to penetration and prevent Cutek Extreme from working. All oils, stains, paints and other films must be fully removed before Cutek Extreme is applied. Cleaning is not enough and sanding, chemical stripping, or a combination of both are required to ensure all existing coating is removed.

Can I use Cutek Extreme inside?


Cutek Extreme is suitable for interior use. Generally only one coat of clear is required. Cutek Extreme imparts a “matte low sheen” finish to smooth woods, so for applications that are subject to abrasion or high traffic (e.g., flooring), polyurethane may provide a more satisfactory result. We recommend testing prior to use in interior applications.

I want to protect my new lumber, but I want it to naturally silver with age.

Coating the new lumber with clear Cutek Extreme will protect the wood while allowing it to silver naturally with age.

Is there a warranty on Cutek products?

No. While Cutek products have proven to be highly successful for many years and in many countries, and are manufactured to the highest standards. However, its manufacturer, Chemisys, does not offer any warranty or performance guarantee for the use of Cutek products on any substrate.

Why? This is due to the large number of variables that can affect the use and effectiveness of the Cutek products.

These variables include, but are not limited to:

  • whether the products have been used correctly
  • the age and porousness of the wood
  • the type of wood
  • how the wood is situated
  • the design and structure of the project on which the products have been applied
  • the project’s exposure to the weather
  • the adequacy of preparation before Cutek was applied
Can I return Cutek products?

Unfortunately we can’t accomodate returns. That is why we recommend that you buy Premixed Cutek Colourtone Samples first to test out the product and the colours so you know that the product(s) will work and look the way you want on your project. Of course, feel free to contact us at 416-293-3325. We are are here to help you in any way we can.