Pre-mixed Cutek Colourtone Samples


118 ml sample size

Colourtone colours have been added to CUTEK® EXREME wood protection oil in small amounts so that you can test out various colours before you buy, or worse, treat your whole project, just to find it’s not exactly what you wanted.

We highly recommend you test before you commit to a colour. If testing on a finished project, test it in an area that can’t be easily seen.

  • Samples sizes are shown in comparison to a full-size can of CUTEK® EXREME wood protection oil.
  • CUTEK® EXREME wood protection oil sold separately.

NOTE: You can only put one colour sample at a time into your shopping cart. To purchase more than one Colourtone Sample, add each sample colour you want to your cart individually. Check your cart to make sure that you have all of the samples that you want to try.